ENTEK-NSG manufactures polyethylene battery separators for lead-acid battery applications to the highest standards. Our Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS) houses the documentation and data systems that assure quality is our highest priority. Through Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Rigorous Testing and Minitab Data Analysis, we ensure repeatability and reproducibility to our customers’ specifications, while striving for continuous improvement.

Our ENTEK-NSG Quality Team is focused on working with customers to provide the highest quality products and data in support of demanding Pb-acid battery applications.


The ENS Quality team supports customers with PPAPs, GEMS tracking, SPC, and data analysis.

  • GEMS Tracking

Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS) – an electronic system that accepts product test data and through comparison to customer specifications manages product through the process to ensure that only “good” product reaches our customers.

GEMS allows ENS to produce system-generated CoA’s and gives excellent product traceability.


  • Statistical Process Control

Real-time at production line


  • Factory Order Data Analysis

Through data extraction from GEMS, formatting in Excel and data analysis using Minitab software, we are able to analyze data for the purpose of Continuous Improvement and root cause analysis.



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